On Monday 7th September our Founder and Managing Director, Charlotte will be joining the panel for the first American Express Network Forum Live Stream. She will be joining the panel with leaders from John Lewis, We Work and Salesforce.⁣

The subject for the forum is ‘’Business Unusual. The Paradigm Shift: Collaboration & Agility in a new economic environment’’ , the discussion will explore how leaders can adapt to fit the future of work and look into the innovation and strengths needed for leadership now. ⁣

The forum will be live streamed to the top 200 merchants of American Express. You can also request to join, send us an email if of interest, getnaked@teamtfr.com .

Further details on the forum

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed businesses in unchartered territory. While stay-at-home rules are relaxing with safety measures in place, a return to pre-pandemic office-life may not happen so soon. Furthermore, businesses are looking to a new future – one with a new working model, involving hybrid offices, with partnerships and collaboration at their core. What can leaders do to address this paradigm shift? What attributes does a future leader need and why is now the time for “open innovation”? The live stream panel will discuss how businesses can be agile and leverage their expertise to be well-placed in this new world, and what values must be held at the core to create business longevity.⁣

2 years ago