The pop culture event of the year finally landed this July – the Barbie movie. With partnerships and collaborations with almost every brand you can think of, the much anticipated film entered our cinemas and so we saw an opportunity to paint the town (or Tottenham Court Road anyway) pink. 

The rollout for this release has had as much hype around it as Titanic had in 1998. In a moment like this, that is overtaking everyone’s feeds, group chats and conversations in the office, we knew we had to be a part of it. 

The cultural moment: 

As an agency, we speak to our clients regularly about the impact that events and moments such as this have on the consumer and so it was important for us to mark the occasion and share this with them as well as our partners and friends of the business.

We wanted to create an event that allowed guests to experience all things Barbie as well as our agency pillars of Hype, Demand and Legacy ®


How we responded: 

What felt right for us was to host a private screening. This meant we could host a large number of people, tap right into the movie magic and also emulate the feeling of a premiere and something incredibly exclusive, which is the feeling we wanted our guests to take away from the event. 

 How we brought this to life:

In true TFR style we went all in on event production, as it is a core part of our DNA. We took our guests into a pink haze. From creating a bespoke step and repeat of the iconic mugshots scene in the film for every guest to have their ‘mugshot moment’ to take with them, to having a pink carpet display leading to the event, taking over the film posters and the handmade pick n mix station on the way, we wanted people to feel immersed into the world of Barbie from the second they entered the venue.

The sprinkle of TFR magic that brings any of our events to life is key to how we make a memorable impression on any of our guests, clients, brands and the public. We saw all opportunities to add that extra touch to every layer of the Barbie experience – having a pink 90s themed party lunch box on their seat filled with their movie snacks such as popcorn and personalised candy floss cones. In keeping with all things PINK, the drinks served throughout the evening were (no surprise) pinked themed including Malibu Strawberry Daiquiri, Rose Prosecco, and Pink Lemonade. 

A glimpse into the night: 

Over 100 of our clients, partners and friends of the business attended the private screening and of course the real talk of the night was the movie itself and the message that echoed so much of what we see in today’s world. 

It was a true display of pop culture’s influence which is why we tap into this in all aspects of our strategy, creative and approach. 

11 months ago