Our top 2024 trends and predictions are here. From brands, marketing, fashion and hospitality. We’ve cherry-picked the top 4 we think are going to be on your feeds, inboxes and IRL. 


🕺Electric Grandpa

The biggest style inspiration will be from your Grandad! Taking on the true meaning of vintage, brands, campaigns and retailers will look to their grandparents’ wardrobes for styling, visual merchandising and campaigns. One person who is already on the trend this side of the year… Tyler The Creator. Curating a wardrobe of sweater vests, pencil trousers and handkerchief neck scarves. Keep a lookout got Fashion Week 2024 for this trend to come to life!  

🎷Jazz It Up

2024 will see a Jazz revival, with people trading in electric/pop sounds for a smooth, retro feel. This trend extends beyond funk playlists: Jazz-inspired outfits, dimly lit venues and lo-fi looks are all on the rise. From music, style and spaces Jazz is the genre that we’ll see threaded through artists, rising subcultures and decor choices.  


📷 Varying the content types

It doesn’t stop with video content – next year brands and content creators will focus on diversifying content. Content calendars will be filling up with a healthy mix of videos plus multi-content carousels and static photo posts. We will see platforms start to experiment with tailoring posts to feel native to each platform. @Nike is a perfect brand that consistently explores new content forms and styles across platforms.



Taking personalisation to the next level, combining data, behavioural, transactional and demographics to inform personalization. 

Brands need to connect with customers in more relevant, meaningful ways. 90% of clients now demand personalized service, and new technologies are enabling channels-wide hyper-personalized service. Brands have the chance to significantly alter the consumer journey if they use these technologies to provide memorable, personalized moments.

Here are a few noteworthy personalization trends:

+ AI-driven Personalization

+ Predictive Content Curation

+ Values-Based Personalization


📱Company Personal Branding

We will see employees becoming a large element of brand and company marketing strategies. There will be a huge rise in in-house brand ambassadors and content creators/influencers. Sheerluxe and LuxeGen are smashing it as an example of this to showcase their people – their choice of platform. TikTok. However, LinkedIn will be the voice of people across multiple industries.

📈 AI is top of mind

We’ve all heard the buzzword, term and abbreviation for a while now but 2024 is the year AI will dominate the marketing landscape. Social media platforms, campaigns and brands are seeking to see tangible results from AI content. Seeing a direct correlation in how advanced AI has become with consumer insights, behaviour and predictability. 2024 will see a fine balance between an authentic meaningful tone of voice versus a sophisticated complex consumer and data-driven predictions AI can provide. 


​🌊 Motion design in brands

There will be a significant role for motion design within brand identities – whether it’s type or logo icons, motion will be shaping brand identities in 2024. We are always seeking fresh ways to convey authenticity and distinctiveness, and putting greater importance on motion should carry the creative weight. Motion will become a method for brands to express their stories and for branding to evolve. 

With the rise of young brands that cater to niche audiences and large corporate companies wanting to stay relevant and grow their audiences, we can’t wait for brands will take out our top trends of 2024.

5 months ago