I’m a “figure it out” as you go type of character, believing in myself enough to know, I will find a way to succeed and make things move & shake but in the right environment. I know I can be great. 

So, when I decided to leave my previous agency, I did not know where I would be next. 

I wrote down what it is I wanted for my next ‘career step’; to remain in culture communications, to be able to develop my understanding of brand strategy, to be more client facing, steering campaigns, to be in a room where I can see career progression into a senior position. A room that fits my career and life plan. 

I’m a Zillennial, I know what I want for myself. I was adamant that the next contract I signed, had to meet these requirements. Tapping into my strengths and an environment that matched or exceeded my ambition. It needed to answer the question Do I FIT IN THIS ROOM?

As you may know, finding a job is a job within itself and at the point I came across The Fitting Room job posting, the process was wearing on me. The 9-5 six day routine of job post surfing across websites, CV and cover letter amendments, LinkedIn outreach and constant mental frustration around the thought  “we work in culture, how does a piece of paper best tell you that?” rolled on for months. 

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t considered making compromises around my initial stance because life gets real on a Wednesday evening, after a full day of “Thank you for your interest in this role… sorry to inform you” and your girl suggests going to Hakassan on the Friday  in attempt to cheer you up and your thinking of taking parts of your monthly household contribution to cover the bill because your ego won’t allow you to let her pay but your next pay from your retail role doesn’t hit for another two weeks. Its tight. It’s the reality, you begin to tell yourself “I’ve got to make sh*t happen… quickly”. 

So when I came across The Fitting Room’s job posting for an SAE (Senior Account Executive) role, I read, rubbed my eyes and reread the specs. The copy felt like a good fit, no pun intended. The job spec was asking me questions I was asking myself at the beginning of this journey and career seeking process.  It read:

”Do you want to be part of a team who creates, organises and orchestrates campaigns and activations like these?” Yes 

We’re looking for a Senior Account Executive to join our Client Services team.

Are you someone who: 

👉 Gets complimented for how organised you are? Yeah – I love to file

👉 Is seasoned in an agency environment? Check 

👉 Comes into every meeting with high energy and a positive mindset? Most def 

👉 Has a hunger to make sh*t happen? Let’s gooooo!!!

Expecting to fill out a cover letter, and attach my CV like all the other applications I was surprised when I clicked the link and was taken through to a survey. “Okay, The Fitting Room…I wasn’t familiar with your game”. The questions in it gauged your cultural standpoint, why were the Spice Girls an iconic group in the 2000s? , Describe Kris Jenner in one word and How would your friends + family describe you in three words?

There were no right or wrong answers per say the survey was a canvas for applicants to be unapologetically themselves and for the agency to know if they were the right fit. That’s what I was looking for – if they messed with my answers, they messed with me. 

I’m grateful that The Fitting Room decided to launch this method of hiring because from the countless other applications I had submitted, I knew I was not given the opportunity to put myself across in the best way. How can I off a sheet of paper? We’re talking culture, communications and people but never given the opportunity to engage with any personalities or share mine.

It was at this point I searched The Fitting Room on Google and became invested. I went back through their socials to sense check this wasn’t bullsh*t. I scoped out the founder, Charlotte Mair and saw the passion she had for culture comms and brand strategy. This excited me because surely this would trickle through the agency. I wasn’t wrong.

Fortunate enough to get a call back to interview with Daisy, the Account Manager, and Danielle, the Head of Agency, and the energy of the agency shone through. In an open get-to-know conversation they asked questions and probed me fairly. Both answered my questions honestly and didn’t bullsh*t me with any nonsense. Answering one of my questions I was blown away, I hadn’t yet heard or even really knew creating briefs for your client was a thing. A proactive agency steering brand x culture space purposefully. 

The next step was to respond to a task, answering 4 key questions to be delivered in person.  I was only ever going to put my best foot forward at this point in the process. The major difference between this and other final stages I had gotten to however was that The Fitting Room had reeled me in, I was as engaged at this point as I was when filling out the survey. It was a stark contrast to the other final stage feelings of “if I do get it that would be cool (with other applications)” to “I want work there”.

 I pulled together a deck and made a point to myself to send it in advance of the deadline, I presented it to my mum, girlfriend and friends to refine the presentation, designed and considered the layout (now being at the agency have come to realise my design game ain’t all that (but I thought I was doing something lol) thought about the details because “they would care about those details – look at the effort they have put into the recruitment”. I went with blue because it instils trust, stability and demonstrates imagination, I used the agency’s logo on the front cover, I knew the hip hop heads in the room would appreciate the Notorious BIG imagery and Dapper Dan “If you know, you know” reference. I even asked what the dress code was because I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. I cared now ffs. 

In the days between, I kept my eyes on the agency and saw Charlotte’s post about why the agency had trailed this style of recruitment. I found out I was one of an initial 100 applicants, who saw the process through. It highlighted to me this wasn’t a role solely about your experience, skills, who you know or what your CV said. It was about you as a person and what you authentically bring to the table being a right fit for the agency and vice versa. The rest of the things mentioned are important but can be learned/taught along the way.

Walking away from the presentation and meeting the team I had a quiet confidence, not that I would get the job but that I truly gave it my best and had fun along the way, that was the best result. 

As for what happened next well… I’m writing this blog five weeks in and to answer the question up top, yeah I think I do fit in this room.

2 months ago