Vagabond Prosecco ATM


Our client Vagabond approached us in early January to create a campaign to celebrate the opening of their Monument site.

In December we had created and delivered their Bricks of Wine Wall at Kings Cross station and they wanted to create a similar vibe, but with something new to celebrate Monument opening. We knew there would be cross-pollination with guests, so creating a new experience was key.

Our thinking

As with all our campaigns, we wanted to make people smile and we wanted to link the campaign back to the fact Vagabond was taking over the former Santander bank. That was the story. The strategy was to create as much noise as possible, in key titles, but very much engage people on a local level. This was the local office worker, the local residents, the people who put money in the tills.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t love bubbles and getting it out of what would have been a cash machine? The activation happened surrounding pay weekend, so we could start a conversation with prospective guests and drive them into site to enjoy payday and the first day of people back drinking after Dry January.


  • Concept creation
  • Campaign direction and storytelling
  • End to end design and production
  • Social strategy and influencer outreach
  • Logistics and on-site project management
  • PR and media relations
  • Social strategy and community management
  • Content production – photography and film

Here’s What Happened

  • The first night of sales returned the investment on the campaign, breaking sales records across the portfolios for new openings
  • 387 press cuttings globally, including Evening Standard, Forbes, Stylist, Time Out, The Metro, Secret London, Condé Nast Traveller and The Sun
  • 2x TV slots including Good Morning Britain and The Jimmy Fallon Show
  • Venue at full capacity in the first four weeks
"The Fitting Room were instrumental in getting our brand to where it is today. From creation to execution nothing is short of amazing. We really wouldn’t be where we are today without them. Charlotte and the team worked as part of the vagabond team to make sure everything we did was right for the brand and was strategically the correct move for the business. They are the people you call for strategy, relevance and seamless delivery" Annah McKendry, Head of Marketing, Vagabond