Wagamama: Changemakers


Wagamama wanted to build an influential outreach programme, as an extension from their Golden Chopsticks initiative. Previously these have been gifted to people who work collaboratively with Wagamama. This was an opportunity to expand outside of food, and communicate the brand’s deeper core values: the LGBTQ+ community, practising sustainability and the importance of mindfulness and mental health,

Our thinking

Changemakers 2019 represented the voices of tomorrow – young people working towards creating a better world.

This was a genuinely deeper conversation with their audience, with people who we believed were leaders of tomorrow. It felt different to other food and drink campaigns because it wasn’t based on the most followers, the ‘it kids’ of the moment or celebrity – it at its heart celebrated people doing good.

Changemakers 2019 brought three voices of influence together to start the conversation, on a podcast, a new channel for Wagamama.


  • Talent sourcing and management
  • 2x recruitment events
  • Production – venue, content crew, styling
  • Content curation – podcast, film and photography
  • Content production – podcast, film and photography