We’re just going to say it – we love being at the beginning of creating culturally relevant cool sh*t. We’re a team that are committed to really understanding what audiences want, both online and offline. At a time when the world is changing at pace, we are at the forefront of understanding how those changes impact businesses and brands.

The majority of people want to be cool and relevant – that doesn’t mean Jay-Z cool – coolness is defined by the sub-cultures that feed into defining popular culture. We’ve been building the agency for nearly 8 years now and at the heart of it has also been culture and experience. When we say culture, we mean it in the broadest spectrum of the word – it’s represented by so many different pockets of people.

David Allison explored the theme we’re all the same age now in his best-selling book ‘We Are All the Same Age Now: Valuegraphics, The End of Demographic Stereotypes‘, Steve Stoute demonstrated the power of hip-hop culture in his best-seller, ‘The Tanning of America‘ and Thomas Kolster dug deep into the power of the consumer dictating brand behaviour in a people-powered marketplace in ‘The Hero Trap‘. All these sub-cultures, behaviour changes and clusters of people are redefining brand value, perception and purpose.

Everyone gets excited by our shiny, socially-shared and attention grabbing campaigns, but the thinking starts way, way before you see it on Instagram. Although that’s where brands tend to invest the least amount of time and cash, the step away from traditional ‘target customer models’ requires some ballsy thinking. Moving more into culturally-led value graphics can have an unimaginable impact on the bottom line. And that’s before we expand the thinking into tangible deliverables.

Alongside creating bespoke sessions for key stakeholders and teams, we also have a set of workshops that are tailored for businesses.

–          We’re All The Same Age Now

–          Culture First

–          The Yeezy Effect

–          Drop The Mic

If you’re looking for a new direction, brand transformation or just want your team to have a broader awareness of what is coming and new opportunities, let’s talk. Drop a note and someone from the team will be in touch.