To celebrate Black History Month 2020,  we’re kicking the month off with our own TFR campaign, ‘Be The Magic’.⁣ Be The Magic, is a celebration of sisterhood, entrepreneurship, and the achievements of black women. We’ll be championing some of our creative partners and just sprinkling some magic.⁣

Our Founder and Managing Director Charlotte commented:

“We’re not going to talk about D&I at TFR, we’re just always going to promote roles broadly and make sure we hire the right people for the right roles. ⁣What we are going to do as a business, is make sure we are the people and examples we needed when we were younger. And we are going to lift as we climb.”

Our first campaign film is all about embracing the wins of Black women. Featuring a series of special moments, from Michael Coel’s BAFTA win to Diane Abbott’s appointment as the first Black woman to be elected into British Parliament, the premise of the video is to celebrate those who made their dreams a reality whilst inspiring a new generation of  unstoppable Black females to do the same. It showcases examples of hard work, determination and sisterhood. 

The next instalment of our Be The Magic film series will focus on the entrepreneurial Black women behind some of the biggest corporate brands and companies in the world. We’ll then move the spotlight onto Black women in arts and literature who made monumental strides in their field. Stay tuned!



Watch The Magic